Sunday, June 25th, 2017
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About Terry Borcheller

Terry has been married to Tracy for 15 years. Terry's oldest daughter Amber lives where he grew up in Crystal River, FL. They still have a full house with Taylor, Trenten, Teagan, and Troy (as of 4/29/10). Also, a boxer named Bandit. They reside in Vero Beach, FL.

Terry has enjoyed working with a number of different people from every walk of life. While at home, he attends Central Assembly ( Pastor Buddy Tipton ) and while at the races he attends Motorsports Ministries services (Chaplain Richard Anderson). At home, he has completed a 40 week school of leaders offered by his local church and is currently a personal pastor for one of the many cell groups they have meeting throughout the community. He speaks with the local Teen Challenge of Vero Beach during the year as his schedule permits. Also, he is invited to speak at church services, youth rallies, youth groups, car shows, and other types of gatherings where he is able to bring a unique message that reaches those that believe or those that don't yet believe the gospel thru the platform he has been given with professional racing. This has opened the door for ministry throughout the U.S. and even around the world.

During the race weekends he participates with Motorsports Ministries or Racin' For Jesus Ministries ( RFJ ) speaking to young people that are brought to the track. There he frequently shares his testimony, gives guidance, or inspires them to dream again. Motorsports Ministries or RFJ organizes the weekend. These young people often come from the local areas around the racetracks. Inner city programs, detention centers, orphanages, and Teen Challenge Centers are some of the groups that are brought. He also speaks to local youth groups and schools in the vicinity of the racetrack. These meetings are also set up by Motorsports Ministries or RFJ. He utilizes any funds received to support the ministry of RFJ.

Terry has a desire to bring the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen, utilizing racing as a backdrop. Some would say the two do not mix; however, Terry believes that unless God had intervened, he would not be where he is today. Therefore, it only makes sense that once his priorities of the race weekend are met. He has a chance to give back to those that he can relate to firsthand. As he has said for many years, "racing is exciting, but nothing is more exciting than seeing people changed and impacted by the gospel message". He has had an amazing professional career, winning 6 professional Sportscar Championships along the way. He has been to the prestigious 24 hours of LeMans 4 times, finishing every time he has ever been there and being on the podium the first year. He has won the most respected races in the sport including the Daytona 24 hour twice, Sebring 12 hour and over 50 others along the way. He firmly believes that anything this life has to offer cannot compare to the personal relationship he has with his best friend, Jesus Christ. As you tour thru the site you can't help but notice the passion Terry has for racing, but also an obvious passion for God as well. Enjoy the journey.


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