Sunday, June 25th, 2017
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Terry Borcheller


“I compare racing to life, or a chess game; it has its ups and downs, unexpected challenges, strategic moves, and moments of excitement and disappointment.”

His Career

Terry has had an amazing professional career, winning 6 professional Sportscar Championships and being runner up in two others. He has co-driven with some of the best drivers in the world. He has been to the prestigious 24 Hours of LeMans five times, finishing every time and being on the podium the first year.

He has won the most respected races in the sport including Daytona 24 Hours, three times,  twice overall, Sebring 12 Hours, and 60+ others along the way. He has had the opportunity to race all over the USA and around the world, in places like Europe, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Australia. He has driven for over 20 different manufacturers. He has over 20 years of coaching experience with students from every spectrum; beginners, seasoned veterans, celebrities, and everywhere in between. He has raced with and against the best in the business.

His Faith

“Racing is exciting, but nothing is more exciting than seeing people
changed and impacted by the gospel message”

Terry has an unshakable desire to bring the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen, utilizing racing as a backdrop. While some would say the two do not mix Terry believes that without his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, he would not be where his is today. Therefore, God is his life, not just a piece of it.

When Terry is home he attends Central Assembly where Buddy Tipton is the Pastor. He has completed a 40 week school of leaders offered by Central Assembly and is currently a personal pastor for one of the many cell groups they have meeting throughout the community. He speaks with the local Teen Challenge of Vero Beach during the year as his schedule permits. He also accepts invitations to speak at various church services, youth rallies, youth groups, car shows and other types of gatherings where he is able to bring a unique message that reaches those that believe or those that don’t yet believe in the gospel. With his professional racing career as the platform, many doors have been opened for ministry throughout the U.S.
and even around the world.

While at races he attends Motorsports Ministries services where Richard Anderson is Chaplain. He also founded and oversees his own ministry, Racin’ For Jesus Ministries (RFJ), run by Dale Sankey, speaking to young people brought to the track, frequently sharing his testimony, giving guidance or inspiring them to dream again. These young people often come from the local areas around the racetracks; inner-city programs, detention centers, orphanages and Teen Challenge Centers. He also speaks to local youth groups and schools in the vicinity of the racetrack, set up by Motorsports Ministries or RFJ. Terry utilizes funds received to support RFJ.

His Family

Born March 22, 1966 in Hialeah, Fla. Terry shares his father’s passion for racing. At five-years-old Terry began racing motorcycles with local kids and building racetracks in his neighborhood. At 12, his father bought him his first go-kart. After learning the ins and outs of its mechanics from his father, he began participating in 1979 in the junior division of go-kart racing. In 1983 he won his first National Karting Championship in his first year in the senior division. Years later, and dozens of awards, his father is still one of his biggest fans and supporter.

Terry and his family live in Vero Beach, FL. He has been married to Tracy since 1995. His oldest daughter Amber lives in his home town of Crystal River, FL., but they still have a full house with children Taylor, Trenten, Teagan, Troy, and a boxer named Bandit.

“I didn’t come from a racing name or a family of wealth…. It was through prayer, hard work and making the most of every opportunity, that enabled me to live my dream to race professionally.”


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