Sunday, June 25th, 2017
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1-21-09 RFJ hits Daytona 24 starting Thursday, January 22, 09'. Dale Sanky flies in and we will go over our logistics for the weekend. We look to have a group of about 25 people involved during the race. A group of boys from the local Vero Beach Teen Challenge with a handful of leaders will again visit the pits, paddock, race, Daytona USA, and much more on Saturday. Two boys will again get a chance to hang with Dale for the entire weekend, while hooking up with the bigger group on Saturday. We have had an amazing amount of favor from everyone we have talked to about the ministry, and they all have helped to make it happen. Big thanks to Grand Am, Daytona Speedway, Buddy and Marion's hospitality, and all those who made it possible. Dale and I will share with the boys over the weekend, along with other christian's in this arena. Mike McDowell and Jeff Bucknum will be a couple of the other driver's who will share their story. This has been such a great opportunity for us to pour into these kids. Many of them have never been to a race track before. It is so exciting to see these kids reaction to the atmosphere at the 24. The most exciting thing, is the lasting impact RFJ has on these boys and their future. I get to see them grow during their 15 months in the program, and Teen Challenge truly is an amazing ministry. Many of these boys, after graduating the program, really get it. Life is not all about me. It's about fullfilling God's plan and purpose for my life. For many of them, for the first time, they see the blessing in putting others first. They get an understanding of what that looks like. Then, they start their own journey of faith. They are remarkable young men, and many go on to do some remarkable things. Thanks again for praying for RFJ, Teen Challenge, and all those involved. Also, all those who have helped us, thank you. Especially my partner in the ministry and good friend, Dale Sanky. I couldn't do it without each of you. Terry Borcheller


12-17-08 It has been a great year. We will be bringing RFJ to Daytona again for the 24. Dale Sankey and I will coordinate to have 2 boys from the local Vero Beach Teen Challenge come for the entire race weekend with the entire group coming to the races on Saturday. Again, they will be mentored by Dale and I and then be given the opportunity to hear from many of the different folks in the Motorsport community. The boys are always impacted in a positive way and will always leave the weekend with a better understanding on what it means to go into the world your in and live out your faith. I have had a couple of opportunities to speak this year and raise most of the funding for the ministry to take place. Dale has been such a blessing and a huge piece of making alot of the dreams I have had over the years for RFJ come true. He lost his brother tragically after he ( his brother ) had recently gone thru a Teen Challenge program. This gives him such a platform with these boys. He also knows the importance of our message to them. He stays with the 2 that will come for the entire weekend 24/7 and really has an opportunity to walk thru many open doors within these kids' lives. I look forward to this aspect of what proves to be a very exciting weekend, on and off the track! Godspeed. RFJ


3-19-08 What a week of ministry. From the Sebring High School on Wednesday to the RFJ throughout the weekend. Just a great time and amazing opportunities. Also, the youth meeting on Wednesday nite was rockin'. 6 young people gave their lives to Christ during the service. It so makes it all worth while when you see God touch someone's heart and open their eyes to Salvation. Motorsports Ministries played such a big role in lining up the day. What a blessing they are to me and RFJ. Dale Sankey was again, awesome. He is so perfect for laboring with me in RFJ. He has such a servants heart. He enjoys spending time with the boys and loves coming to the races. We had some great Christian men speak into their lives. Bob Schaffer from Good Year, Ron Fellows, and many more. I met with the entire group on Monday morning after the race and I know they will never be the same. Congratulations to Bahama and Kyle, our two boys that we had for the entire weekend. They were such great young men. I know God is going to do great things in and thru them. They both graduated from the 15 month Teen Challenge program this week. Dale, every event seems to get better. I couldn't do it without you. May the Lord bless you and your family for sacrificing your time, money, and energy to help pour into these young men. You have been such a God sent. Thank you again for all you do. You do such a good job with the ministry and allow me to be able to focus 100% on my job of driving the race car. I am truly grateful for your friendship and help in the ministry. Also, a major thanks for all those that donated most of the needs we had for the race weekend. Marion's hospitality, IMSA, Motorsports Ministries, The Hulbert family, Julie Bentley, and so many more. You are making such a difference for these boys. They realize that God cares, partly because they can see Him in action. Thank you.

3-4-08 There are alot of great things in place for the Sebring race week. Wednesday, March 12, I will be speaking to the Sebring High School where they are expecting over 300 students to attend. I have been speaking at the school during the week of the 12 hour race for the past 10 years. Last year I shared how if we continually make bad decisions that the weight of those choices will eventually wear us down, if not out. I used the smallest student in attendance and put him on my back and carried him around as I continued the message. I talked on how sometimes we start out by making small compromises and how we can think that it's not that big of a deal. Alot of the students were laughing as I continued with ease to carry around their classmate on my back. Then, I had him get off and I invited the biggest student in the room to come up to the stage, and he was BIG. The entire school went nuts as they saw him walking toward me and saw me preparing to CARRY him. As he slowly approached, I talked about how those small decisions to compromise, can easily turn to BIG problems and a huge weight that we end up carrying around. I then gave some statistics on the problems some of our young people are dealing with in this day and age. The reason I share this story is that I found out this week that the BIG young man that came forward to help me with my illustration, was just convicted of first degree murder. I am sad for this young man, but I am also reminded of the importance to reach young people with the truth and hope of the gospel.
Wednesday nite I will be speaking at Grace Bible Church at 6:30 pm. I look forward to the opportunity. Dale Sankey will be arriving again from Plover, WI. wednesday afternoon to head up RFJ and will be picking up 2 boys from the Vero Beach Teen Challenge on Thursday morning. He will again be working with the boys 24/7 through the weekend. Saturday morning we will be getting a larger group of boys joining us and they will all enjoy a great race and alot of attention during the event. We will again line up several speakers to talk with the boys during the day. We are looking forward to a fun time of ministry and a great time. I also know the Lord is going to do a great work in these young men. To Him be the glory! See you there.

2-25-08 The entire Borcheller clan went over to the Hulbert's in Lakeland, FL Sunday morning. It was a great time of ministry at their local church with me speaking to the youth and then the children. We had an early departure from Vero Beach to get there just in time. It's been a while since all 5 of us had to get up and moving that early, but we did it! Both groups were alot of fun and for the children's class I came up in full race gear. By the look on their faces, I think it was a big hit. Afterward, we did a Q and A with alot of great questions from the kids. Both groups were challenged to walk closely to the Lord. I shared about how God has been the most exciting thing in my life as I have lived out my faith in the racing arena. Most importantly, another door was open to share the gospel from the platform of sportscar racing. 16 more days until Dale arrives at Sebring to kick off RFJ in the American LeMans series. We will have 2 boys from the Vero Beach Teen Challenge starting Thursday, March 13 thru the end of the 12 hours of Sebring, Saturday, March 15, 08'. Saturday, they will be joined with the rest of the boys from Teen Challenge for a great day of racing and ministry. More details on the weekend coming up soon!

2-8-08 The teen challenge boys were pumped on monday morning. I had an opportunity to speak with them about the weekend. Also, was able to continue to encourage them to seek the Lord and get the most out of their time in the program. I was also able to confirm that we will be doing RFJ again at Sebring this year. A special thanks to IMSA and Julie Bentley for providing tickets and so many other things for the boys. It is great to be able to expose them to this type of racing. Most of them have not even seen a car race before, so we really are able to get their attention. Dale Sankey will again run the ministry side of the program for Sebring and he is prayed up, pumped up and ready to go. Again, a special thanks to him for the sacrifices he is making with his family and business. Please keep RFJ in your prayers over the next few weeks as we prepare for the Sebring event. We will again take 2 boys for the entire weekend, Thursday thru Saturday. Also, the entire Vero Beach Teen Challenge will be there for race day. More details as we get closer to the weekend.

2-01-08 I will be going to Crystal River, Florida on 2/17/08 to share my testimony at a car show that will be held at Gulf To Lake Church located at 1454 N. Gulf Avenue. The car show will run from 3-5 pm. Always enjoy an excuse to go back to where I grew up. Especially to share what the Lord has done in my life. Alot of people in CR probably still remember the way I was and God has been so faithful to build His life in me that people can't help but say look what the Lord has done. It really has been an amazing journey that this walk with God has given me. Look forward to seeing you there, if you can make it.

1-29-08 RFJ ( Racin' For Jesus Ministries ) was a big hit at the Daytona 24. We had Aaron and Blake from the local Vero Beach Teen Challenge for 3 days. We also had another larger group of boys from the same ministry come for Saturday. Everyone had a great time and we were able to share God's love and His plan of Salvation to each of them. We had some great times of sharing testimonies, watching some amazing races, touring Daytona USA and playing video games, and just hanging out with some cool kids. So many people helped make this the best outreach yet. Dale Sankey did an amazing job discipling Aaron and Blake for the weekend and guiding the big group on Saturday. Thanks again to everyone who made our effort possible. " Lord, a special thanks to you for being so good to us, all the time". Be back next time with ministry news as it comes.





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