Sunday, June 25th, 2017
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Racing News

1-21-09 Off today for Daytona 24. I love living in Florida!! Not counting the fact that it is truly paradise, I am able to drive to the first quarter of the races. I truly have grown to dislike flying. Anyway, I will be driving for Brumo's Racing in the #59 car with Hurley Haywood, Jao Barbosa, and JC France in the DP class of the Rolex 24. This is the same team and drivers that I was with last year. We were leading with only a few hours to go when we had the rear suspension break. Hopefully we can repeat last year, only with a better ending! The race will be televised first on Fox from 3pm - 4:30pm, then Speed will pick it up from 4:30pm - 10pm, then again from 7am - 4pm. All times are E. The race starts at 3:30pm on Saturday and finishes at 3:30pm on Sunday. Our team was very fast thru the test days, and has alot of experience with this race. I look forward to a great race. Please check out the ministry news as RFJ will be back again also. See you after the 24! Terry Borcheller
12-17-08 It seems like it has been forever since I last did an update. I 've done a couple of HSR events with my good friend Forest Barber. We ran the same car we both won the 24 hours of Daytona with in 04'. Also, the same car I won the championship with in 03'. Hard to believe it's already a historic! It was great to have #54 at Daytona again and then Sebring for the first time. It was also good to be in a dp, even if it was a historic. I did the winter test with Brumos and have signed a deal with them to do the final test days and the Daytona 24. We should have a great car and the same driver line up we were leading with last year. At around 9am, we broke a rear upright while leading the race overall. It was a heartbreaker, especially with only a few hours to go to the end. It also looks like I will be coaching Andrew Hendricks in the Mustang Challenge again, and John Krieg in the IMSA Challenge. Bell Motorsports received an entry for LeMans, so that should give me a good shot at running something in GT1 at LeMans again. Alot of details to work out, but it's a good possibility. I am still working hard to secure more races for the season. I'll keep you updated as I can. On a personal note, we had a great Thanksgiving at our cabin and hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We plan to go to Phoenix after Christmas and then back home after the new year. The test days are January 3 - 5, 09'. The Brumos Team will campaign 2 cars again, #58, #59. I look forward to getting in the race car after the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Terry Borcheller
10-09-08 Utah was a busy weekend. Three races in three days. A 1st and 2 poles in the Mustang Challenge and a solid 6th place finish in the Rolex. The 1st Mustang Challenge race was fairly uneventful. Led flag to flag from the pole. It was nice for a race to go according to plan!! The Rolex race on Saturday was a good race for us, but we came up short at the end, after running as high as 3rd. We did not quite have the pace of the top cars, but ran hard and had no damage to the car at the end to finish 6th. The 2nd Mustang race was a disaster from the beginning. Qualified on the pole, only to start in the back for missing the driver's meeting. The entire StableOne team missed it, all 3 driver's. I came up with alot of great excuses, but no one seemed to want to change their minds. Starting from the back has it's challenges, especially in Grand Am. You cannot initiate a pass until after you cross the start/finish line when the green comes out, problem one! The driver ahead of me either missed a shift or just forgot to step on the pedal on the right. This caused me to literrally come to a stop as the green flag waved. As I approached turn 4, there was a dust cloud that totally blocked ANY visibility of the track ahead. A car up front had spun and caused a chain reaction thru the pack that forced cars to react to what was ahead. Being at the end of the chain was a bad place to be. As I went into the dust cloud, immediately I was hit by a car that was either trying to get back on the track, or was just disoriented. I never even saw him coming. This caused me to take out the car on my right that I had just passed and slide thru the Utah desert for what seemed like forever. I thought that we were done for the day. Once the dust settled, I thought I would try and get back to the pits. I was over 2 minutes back, in last place ( around 27th ). As I started making my way around, I realized I had no flats, no suspension damage, and the car would go straight. So off I went. They never did throw a yellow, which should have happened for the other car that was still stuck in the gaurd rail at the exit of turn 4. This made the task to catch up almost impossible with a 45 minute race. I was able to work back up to 12th and time was out.
The only thing I ended up driving at Petit LeMans was a go kart. Sponser committments were not fullfilled, and the truck from Bell Motorsports never rolled. It was a killer because of how much work the boys had done in preperation for the race. We had the new rear bar we had wanted to get on the car all year. We had more power for the engine, a new dunlop. It was a major disappointment for everyone. I did drive for John Gorsline's team in the go kart fund raiser for Motorsports Ministries and we finished 2nd. What a blast, as it is every year. I did also coach John Krieg for the first couple of days in the weekend and then drove up to VIR. The final Koni Challenge race was running and Automatic racing was only 9 points behind in the driver and team championships. They wanted me to try and help them for the 6 hour GS race where they were running a BMW M3. It was exciting because of the pressure of the championship. It had been a while since I felt that pressure, but it really felt good. The race was extremely difficult because of a fuel pick up problem we had to deal with thru the entire race. It started in the first stint and forced us to pit twice as many times as everyone else throughout the entire race. At one point, we changed a fuel pump but didn't fix the problem. This put us almost 2 laps down, and still dealing with the same problem. The team did an amazing job with the strategy, pit stops, and driving to get back on the lead lap late in the race. Just at the point that we thought we may be able to salvage the finish, the pick up problem became worse. It started causing the engine to miss and eventually quit with over a half a tank of gas. I was able to coast back to the paddock and top off, which enabled us to finish 11th. It made for a long day. We have a final IMSA race at Laguna Seca the weekend of October 18-19 with Bell in the Aston. It looks like we will not be going. Another major downer. I will go to coach John in his final IMSA challenge race. I'll travel back to Fl. then back to Infineon ( Sears Pt ) for John's final Yokohama Cup race the next weekend. I have a couple of coaching, testing, and racing days thru the winter, but I am looking forward to the break in the schedules of IMSA, and Rolex. I did make the IMSA list, " driver's of the decade ". You can check it out on There is an opportunity for fans to vote for their driver of the decade. It is pretty cool to even be on the list. I'll keep you updated over the winter with my driving activities. Also, as I get deals confirmed for next season, I will post it as I can. Thanks again for your interest. Terry Borcheller
9-03-08 Road America went great. I have been wondering if I was going to be able to say that at all this year. We finished 2nd, ahead of one of the factory vette's. We were not as fast as they were, but we were able to run a good race and stay out of trouble. Their lead car crashed hard in the kink and was not able to continue. Chapman finally was able to get some good time behind the wheel and as a team we had a solid finish finally with the Aston. Lime Rock in the Mustang Challenge race was a blast. It has been so fun getting back into a Mustang. Another win definately helped also. This made me 2 for 2 since I've come in to the series. Stable One Racing has been a breath of fresh air for me personally. It is a great group of guys with some talented young drivers on the team. My role there is to finish in the front, and offer some leadership and experience to the younger drivers. This involves working with them at various levels, coaching them, and then trying to beat them in the race. It has it's challenges, but has been alot of fun. Taylor and I, ( my daughter ) went to NYC for a few days after the race. It was her first time, and we had a great time together. Mosport with the Aston saw us coming as close as we have been to the Corvette's in qualifying. Given the difficulty of that track, we were all very happy. The race was good for us, but the GM guys did their normal job of execution. They made very few mistakes, if any, and ran a very fast pace for the entire race. We had a great run again and ended up 3rd. The next weekend was the triple header. Thursday was supposed to be my day to get the time I needed on the new track in New Jersey. I ended up getting one session in the Mustang and one in the Pontiac. Scott Pruitt, the DP points leader had a bad accident at the end of the Rolex session and the track was closed for the rest of the day. I ended up leaving early for Detroit to run the Aston on Friday and then race it on Saturday. We had alot of trouble dealing with the new Michelin tire. Our Dunlop's seemed to not play well with the new softer compound of the Michelin. This really caused us alot of grief in the race.. All of the sessions were wet, except qualifying. This did not give us an opportunity to even realize the problem until it was too late. We did finish the race 3rd in class, but were beat by alot of the GT2 cars that were on Michelin's. With the difficulty we were having, we were all very happy to just get out of there with a finish. Saturday nite I headed back to NJ. Sunday morning I did the Rolex warm up in the Pontiac GPXR and then did the race. Tim Lewis Jr., my co-driver, did a great job continuing setting up the car with Nathan McBride throughout the weekend after I had left on Thursday. It was really hooked up and very fast. Tim was spun by a DP car in the race and fell back to around 17th. He had been running in the top 5. I went from 17th to 3rd over the next 1.5 hours. It was a great race for me personally. With about 25 minutes to go, we were sitting in a perfect spot to win the race. Our car was the same speed as the 1st and 2nd place cars for the first half of the run and the second half, we were about a half a second faster per lap. We were in 3rd with the second half of the stint to go ( 25 min. left in the race ) and the left hub failed. This caused the brakes to fade to the floor and when they grabbed, it was all rear brakes. This put me in a pretty big spin and ultimately out of the race. It is always hardest when you have the car to win the race, and you don't. It was a big disappointment for the entire Autohaus team. The Mustang Challenge race later that same day saw me starting in last place. I was not able to qualify because I was doing the race in Detroit. The first lap had one of our Stable One cars crash hard exiting turn 3. I moved from about 20th to 15th. The race was red flagged and the sanctioning body decided to keep the clock moving. Basically, once we started the race again, we had a 15 minute race instead of 45. I went from 15th to 5th at the end and then ran out of time. Andrew Caddell from our team did win the race from the pole, so the day did end well. Next up is the last Rolex race of the season in Utah at Miller Motorsport Park. Look forward to talking with you after that. Terry Borcheller
8-04-08 The unexpected continues! Montreal was another struggle on the track. This time, I alone was to blame. These are the one's that are the most difficult to work thru. The Autohaus team and my family have been very supportive. With the way the season has gone, I was finally like O.K. God what is the deal? He has really used the hard times to open my eyes to some things, put His finger on some issues, and change my heart again in a way that only He can do. Normally this section just contains news about the weekends, but I'm finding it difficult to say what is happening on the track without expressing what the Lord is doing inside of me. I know I'm in the center of His will, even though nothing seems to be going right. I am learning so much through this season. Mainly, God is our source, nothing else. Also, knowing Him and encouraging others to get to know Him should always be our ultimate purpose in life, nothing else. Sure, we all have things that are very important. Family, jobs, the list could go on for a long time. I am not denying all of the important things that we all must balance. I am simply saying that, we cannot afford to get diverted with who it is that supplies our needs and how it is that we are fullfilled. The Lord took me to a passage of scripture in Luke 12:22-34 after the race this weekend. What is so amazing about God is how well He knows us. He knows exactly what to do to cause us to want to be more like Him in areas that we are not yet like Him. He also knows exactly what our real problems are. Those are precisely what He goes after. It doesn't necessarily matter how painful, frustrated, angry, or whatever. Ultimately, it is our heart that He is after. Alot of the time, this procedure can really hurt. There really is no other way for us to experience all that He has for us without some pain involved. I hope this is making sense, and again I usually keep this to the "news", but it really has been a very difficult few years on the racing side of things. God knows how badly I want to win and how much I love what I do. As I said earlier, He also knows exactly how to get our attention. He has mine, and I am ready to continue on the journey. I know this might involve some more hard times. I also know that whatever it involves, He is everything I need and will carry me when He needs too.
The race at Montreal started out good. Our car was good, and Tim was running really competitive times. He had a blow out just before he came into the pits. This caused us to go down two laps, when I got in. I only had a handful of laps before the race. This was due to a couple of different issues, including raining out the last hour or so of the afternoon. I was able to get up to speed pretty quickly, and tried to get settled in to the race. About half way thru my stint, I had caught another GT car and was working on trying to get around him when the overall leader ( Gainesco DP ) showed up. We were headed into the horseshoe and when I caught a glimpse of him on my left, it surprized me and I moved over to the right slightly. At this point, I was already into the braking zone and off line. My big mistake was that I didn't see him earlier. When I got on the brakes, I had to go on them a little harder than usual. Immediately the rears locked and I started to spin. This put me into Gurney and ultimately into the GT car also. It is always the most difficult situation for me to be in as a driver. To have to go back and explain to the team, to have to drive down pit lane with all of your peers looking on ( we were at the end of pit road ). Not to mention the cost and DNF on the books. I really am hoping that the IMSA race this weekend has a better result. We did get the Aston repaired from Lime Rock and will be ready for the vette's. Also, the next weekend I will be doing the Mustang Challenge race at Lime Rock with Stable One Racing. The IMSA race will be televised. Go to the tv schedule page on my site and click on IMSA. You can get the television information from there. The Lime Rock race will not be televised. After these next two weekends, if all goes according to plan ( I am getting a little nervous to plan ), I will be doing a triple header with the Aston, Pontiac, and the Mustang. Talk to you soon, Terry Borcheller
7-23-08 The ever changing plan. There is a definate need for a scripture reference in regards to the last few years. Proverbs 16:9 Man makes his plans, but God directs his path. This has been the story of my life, as of late. We were taken out by the Audi at the Lime Rock IMSA race, which caused us to miss another race the next weekend, Mid Ohio. The car was not that badly damaged, we simply had no spares in reserve to fix it in time. After the dust settled and all of the necessary travel changes were made ( sometimes on the fly, literally ) I ended up coaching John Krieg for 2 days at Ohio in preperation for his IMSA challenge weekend. He was already going good thanks to running in the Yokohama cup the previous weekend. From there I went to Birmingham to run the Pontiac GT car in the Rolex. Originally, I was going to go back to Ohio for the IMSA race on Saturday and then back to Birmingham for the race on Sunday. I ended up staying in Birmingham and actually had an opportunity to race in the Mustang challenge over the weekend also. Stable One racing invited me to "get to know the team" and race one of their cars in the 45 minute race before the Rolex. It actually went according to plan. I won my first race in 4 years. It's hard to explain the drought I have just gone thru, but I will say, the win felt good. It was short lived. I had not even changed suits before Tim Lewis Jr., came walking back to the paddock. Tim is my co-driver in the Pontiac and started that race. We were out in 2 laps because of a motor issue. (overheating) Hopefully, things will turn around for Montreal. This will be the next Rolex event July 31 - August 1, 08. Just a two day event. You can get tv info. by going to grand am site on my links page. We should make the IMSA Road America event August 8 - 9, 08' with the Aston. Also, I will be doing the remainder of the Mustang challenge events with Stable One racing. They will run with the Rolex at NJ and Utah. They have one stand alone event at Lime Rock. The races are all 45 minutes and everyone drives equally prepared Mustangs on BF Goodrich tires. I will also be doing some coaching for some of the drivers within the team. I am really looking forward to a few days off and then running hard thru every weekend in August. That is of course, unless God has another path! Either way, I'm making plans and preparing. Look forward to seeing you at the races. Terry Borcheller
7-8-08 The Homestead test went great. We had a few small issues that made us glad we were able to do the test day before Lime Rock, but, overall was a good day. I am very proud of all the boys at Bell Motorsports for all there hard work and effort. We are looking forward to the Lime Rock IMSA race this weekend. The race is Saturday afternoon at 2pm and will be televised Sunday on Speed from noon to 3pm E. I am really looking forward to getting back on the track w/ the Aston. The new paint job looks awesome! and we look forward to an exciting weekend.
The Brumos 250 at Daytona last Thursday nite was a thriller. I was in the #72 GT Pontiac. We had an unscheduled stop early in the race that put us down almost 2 laps. We were in 17th place and came back to finish 1 lap down in 6th place. It was one of the hardest 6th places I've ever had. Alot of action and w/ the Pontiac being so handicapped w/ weight and a lack of straightaway speed, it made for a long nite. The Mazda's and the Porsche's would go by so fast on the straights, it was almost as if they were in another class. Grand Am thinks the tables will turn for Birmingham because of the nature of the track, we'll see. This was my first real look at the competition because of how the track was at the Mid Ohio event ( wet or drying ). It could prove to be a very difficult year w/ the Pontiac's.
I will attempt to get something up after Lime Rock, if not, I'll do one after the Birmingham Rolex/ Mid Ohio IMSA weekends. Thanks as always for your interest. Terry Borcheller
6-30-08 Testing the Aston this week at Homestead. After a long and difficult make over, Bell Motorsports is ready for IMSA again for the Lime Rock event July 12. We will be sporting a brand new paint job, the signature blue and silver w/ a few bonus features. Jim is very proud of the repair that was done, and the new look. Also, we have a bigger restrictor and a little less weight, thanks to a rule adjustment from IMSA. Dunlop has also been working hard to get us a new tire which we should have access to as well. Hopefully, we will be able to get a little closer to the yellow cars! Mid Ohio will be the very next weekend, again w/ the Aston. Nothing like getting thrown in the deep end. We have a great team w/ alot of depth and I think we are all ready to rise to the occasion. The Mid Ohio weekend will see me doing double duty in the Pontiac w/ Autohaus at the Birmingham Rolex event. I will be running in GT for the balance of the season w/ them. You can see the release on the grand am site. Sorry I didn't give you a little more notice, but it was a surprize to me as well. I will be flying back and forth a few times over the weekend and will definately need a few days off after both races have finished. You can go to my links page and visit both of the sites for the series to get all of the television information. Thanks, as always for being interested and supportive. The end of July will take me back to Montreal where I scored my only podium of 07'. I always enjoy the city there and will be looking forward to the race.
6-18-08 Another month + gone by. I first need to apologize for those who faithfully check out this
news section. I am trying to balance it all, and sometimes it's just a matter of priorities. I seem to run out of time in the day frequently. To catch you up to speed, the Lime Rock Koni race was a no go. I would have given some news on it, but it was a last minute surprize for me too. I did do the Watkins 6 hour race with Spirit of Daytona in their DP. We finished 11th and at one point were running 3rd. They have done a good job developing the V8 Porche Coyote. Except for an untimely pit stop to clear some grass in the radiator, I think we could have definately finished in the top 10 and possibly the top 5. Lemans was again amazing, and very challenging. It is definately one of the most difficult races of the year. I did 4 double stints in total and overall had a really good race. We had gear box problems in the middle of the night, and lost a couple of hours in the pits. This put us out of contention for a top 5 as the GT1 field was again very strong. We still ended up finishing 8th in class. This was my 5th attempt at LeMans, 01,02,03,06, and now 08. The podium in 01 was definately a highlite in my career and I am always so excited to represent the United States in the greatest International Sportscar race in the world. I have always been thankful to just get the opportunity to compete in this great race. One accomplishment from the weekend was that I have finished the race all 5 times I've been in it. Thanks to Team Modena, and to my co-drivers ( Christian Fittipaldi and Jose Menten ) for doing such a great job all week. Everyone worked very hard. I did have a big surprize on my phone when I finally made it back to the states. I will be driving one of the Pontiac's at the Rolex race at Mid Ohio this weekend. Car # 72 for Autohaus racing in GT. The race will be Saturday nite from 5 - 8 E and will be televised live on Speed. The Bell Motorsport Aston Martin will be back at Lime Rock for the IMSA race July 12. We will be sporting a new paint job and cannot wait to take the fight back to the Corvette's. I will have more details on Koni, and the Rolex series as I know them. Alot of things in the works and I'm looking forward to the future. Thanks!! as always for your interest. Terry Borcheller
5-07-08 Amazing how quickly a month can pass. We obviously missed Long Beach and it looks like we will also miss Utah. We should be back on track for Lime Rock on July 12. I will also be racing in the Koni Challenge race their on May 26 in a BMW M3. I have also signed with Team Modena, a European team for LeMans. This will be my 5th try at winning the biggest Sportscar race in the world. They had over 80 entries for this years race and they only accept 55 cars. Amazing to have another shot. I will also be at the Watkins Glen 6 hour race on June 7 running a DP car for the first time since Daytona 24. I should have some details on that in the next couple of weeks. I have been doing alot of coaching since the crash at St.Pete, but my ribs have mended and I'm back training for the busy schedule ahead. I will be doing some coaching at Utah this week and back there to coach during the IMSA weekend. That will be tough being there and not racing! I hope this catches you up some. More news coming up soon.
4-07-08 What a difference a split second can make in the world of motorsports. I guess in life for that matter. One minute everything seems to be going along exactly according to plan, and then the next second, everything changes. It was a bad day for us at St. Pete, but could have been alot worse. I have seen this same senario lived out with our everyday lives, and even with far worse outcomes, so I'm able to rejoice knowing that God was very faithful to protect me even though things didn't end the way I'd hoped. I hit a GT2 car that had made contact with one of the P2 Penske Spyder's and then hit the wall. As he was bouncing off the outside turn 3 wall, I came around the corner at 120 mph. There was no time to hesitate and with his car sliding across the track to the right with debris all over the place, I tried to slow quickly while also trying to get to the widest space, which was still to the right. As his car continued on that path, I realized I was running out of room and was going to make a direct hit. The left opened up a little more, I released off the brakes and went for the opening. Immediately his car changed direction and went almost 90 degrees left. I tried to fit that wonderful Aston Martin DBR9 into a hole that only a go kart would have fit. I made the opening, but had too much of the GT2 car on the right and too much of the concrete on the left. No chance! Exiting out the other side, we sustained heavy damage to what seems to be every piece of the car. Everyone was understanding, but still hurts when you have a perfect run going, only to have it end like that. I am fine physically. I had the wind knocked out of me, and some discomfort in my back, neck, and rib cage. They took me to the hospital to do x-rays. Everything was fine. Just a little stiff today. Mentally, I am really disappointed for alot of reasons. Spiritually, I am full of joy. God is good, all the time! Thank you for all of your thoughts, support, and prayers. I will keep you posted on the future of our program as I know it. The next race is Long Beach April 19. That will be a long shot, but I'm sure Bell Motorsports will make a decision in the next couple of days. On a positive note, I will be doing Lemans this year for the 5th time. The announcement will be out soon with information on the team, car, and my co-drivers. Off to visit with my sponser xpel in San Antonio on Thursday. Updates as I get them.
4-01-08 It has been a busy couple of weeks. Headed for St.Pete Grand Prix this week. I just came back from the Rolex race at Homestead. Painful not driving and having to watch. I actually didn't stay to watch the race. Too difficult. Anyway, I had some great meetings for some possibilities down the road and met with Xpel to introduce them to some of my friends and contacts at the track. Xpel is also a contingent sponser for the Rolex series. Such a great product and great people. Dropped by the shop, the Aston was in a million pieces again. Looked like it did before Sebring. The guys are amazing with their time and talents.
St.Pete should be a good event for everyone. It is a great track and based on last year should have alot of action. The race will be televised on ABC at 1:30 pm E. Chatman and I will be going after the vette's again. Hope to see you at the races or check it out on tv.
3-19-08 What a great week and race for our team! Bell Motorsports came together very quickly to put on an amazing show. Early in the week, Monday, we had a front frame rail crack. This was uncommon for this car. We had to get a pair sent fed ex from England that arrived Wednesday, pm. We missed two days of the testing, and with a new car, this really put us behind. We also had some difficulty with the set up due to trying to figure out what the Dunlop tires wanted on this car and a rear brake issue that bothered us the entire weekend. We qualified behind the two factory Corvettes and overcame alot of obstacles during the week and even in the race to finish the 12 hours of Sebring with a podium in GT1. We actually ran ahead of one of the Corvettes for the early part of the race when they went behind the wall to repair a pin that broke damaging the half shaft. Chatman Ducote, my team mate for the year, did a great job in what was probably the biggest race of his career. He did have a spin while running his first stint and when he went to get back on the track, the front splitter caught the edge of the track and tore off. This caused us to go behind the wall to repair it. In his defense, the car was difficult to drive on the limits because of the issue we were having with the rear brakes. When we made our way back on track, both Corvettes were ahead of us and thats the way it stayed for the rest of the race. We basically had no other issues the entire 12 hours. Antonio Garcia, a factory Aston Martin driver from Spain, rounded out our trio. He did a great job all weekend and really helped us with all of his experience in the Aston Martin. Everyone did such a good job to give us a great start to the year. Next up is the St.Pete Grand Prix, April 5. It will be televised on ABC starting at 1:30 E. The plan was to keep you updated, but things became very busy with me coaching in the Ferrari Challenge during the day and working in the shop during the evenings over the weekend leading into Sebring. It was good to have John Krieg back in the 2008 IMSA Challenge for his first race at Sebring. I look forward to our 6th year together with me coaching him again this year. Also, it was good to have Rik Bryan and Hans from Team Modena, helping our ALMS program with their experience in running an Aston Martin DBR9 in Europe. All in all, it was great to finish the race and come away with some good points. Our team, car owner, Michael Fux, and our sponsers were very happy. I look forward to getting the car faster and more competitive for the future. I think it has alot of potential. A special thanks to my personal sponser, Xpel, for doing such an amazing job getting our Aston covered with the best paint protection film in the business. The paint looked as good at the end of the race as it did at the beginning! Amazing stuff, thanks again for working so hard to make it all happen so quickly. I will be back soon with some interesting news about this summer, stay tuned.
3-3-08 Just one more week until we head for Sebring. Since this is the first IMSA race of the season, they give us a week to prepare. The Bell Motorsports team has been working endlessly to load up this weekend and head for Sebring on Sunday. We have testing and activities all week. Also, wanted to give you an update for all the Texas fans. No Houston GP this year. They announced today, we had to cancel due to the merge with IRL and Champ car. Sounds like we could be on again for 09', we'll have to wait and see. I head down to Homestead Wednesday night. I will be at the track Thursday morning for the first day of practice for the Ferrari Challenge series in 2008. The first two races will be over the weekend. Also, will spend a day at the shop getting all the driver comfort issues sorted out. Miami is a great place for Bell Motorsports to be based! My trip to San Antonio last week was a great success as I was able to put together a personal service agreement with the top company in the paint protection business, Xpel. Check out their website that is on my links page under racing links. The COO is an old student of mine and good friend, Rege Brunner, from the early years of my teaching days at the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving. While at San Antonio, I was able to meet the CEO, Steve McAuley, who is equally as impressive as a person and leader of Xpel. I was also able to visit the facility and business offices. I am very excited to be connected to such a great group of people with an amazing product. You will begin to see Xpel prominately displayed on all of my equipment and I look forward to a long and successful relationship. My trip to Texas also reunited me with a couple of other old friends, Toney Jennings and Bob Huffman. I coached Toney in the Ferrari Challenge for a couple of years and then raced with him in the Rolex series in 2001 with Jet Motorsports campaigning the first GT class V8 BMW. It was a great trip and I enjoyed getting to see old friends and make a few new ones. I'll be giving you updates as I can, as we go into the week at Sebring.

2-25-08 Alot of driving over the past two days, but unfortunately, not on the race track. I ended up doing only a few complete laps in the 09 Spirit of Daytona DP. The team worked hard to try and solve some unexpected problems. However, they ran out of time. I have meetings with a possible sponser over the next two days, so I was unable to stay for the Tuesday run. Hopefully, they will be up and running tomorrow with their normal drivers. It was good to see all of the teams, new cars, and excitement that is coming for this season. I am still unsure of my exact schedule in the Rolex and Koni Challenge but should be doing a few more races in each. 14 more days until the 12 Hours of Sebring testing starts and only 19 days until race day. Looking forward to getting back in the Aston Martin again.
2-21-08 Headed to Homestead for the Rolex test days. I will be testing the 8 cylinder Porsche for Spirit of Daytona on Monday. I have been talking with the team for sometime and had planned on testing for them toward the end of last year. It will be good to be at the test days running a DP car. I don't know if there will be an opening to race the car in the future, but we'll see. For now, just a test to help the team as they try and develop to make their program competitive. I will only be there for the first day. I have a meeting in San Antonio, TX on Tuesday and Wednesday with a good friend and possible sponser. I'll talk to you again soon.
2-08-08 With a total turn of events happening for the 2008 season happening at the last minute, I have found myself with a contract to race against the dominant factory Corvette's once again in GT1. I will be driving for Bell Motorsports with co-driver Chatman Ducote for the entire 12 race ALMS/IMSA season. The car will be an Aston Martin DBR9, # 008. We have a great program in place and it should be a really fun year. I am continuing my training off of the Daytona 24 hour and look to be ready spirit, mind, and body when the Sebring 12 hour race comes. We are planning to test again before the race, but time may be against us. I am excited to be able to focus in on the next race and to be in a possible position to try and win some races in 08'. Please stay tuned, I'll give you more information as I can.
2-01-08 Sebring winter ALMS/IMSA test went great. I went down to check out the teams and cars that were there. Looks to be another competitive season for sure. Bell Motorsports has recently put a deal together running in GT1 with an Aston Martin DBR9. Alot of unknowns still with the program, but one thing for sure is that it's an amazing car. I had an opportunity to test with them on wednesday and it could not have gone better. The car was fast and had very few issues all day. I was able to do a pretty quick comparison with the Saleen S7R because of how many laps I have in that car around Sebring. The Aston seems much more refined and has a great feel. The V12 top end is awesome. I ran close to the Corvette qualifying times from 07' within the few laps that I had run during the day. What a great sound the engine has. More news on my plans for 08' as I'm able to give them. I should be able to confirm what I'll be doing in ALMS in a couple of weeks. If I get any news before that, you'll get here.
1-29-08 Locals check out channel 11 in Vero Beach Wednesday 1/30 - Tuesday 2/5/08. They will show an interview I did with their sports guy, Todd. The program will be the same every nite and will air at either 8 or 8:30 pm and runs for a half hour.
1-29-08 wow!! What an amazing weekend. The weekend started out with a 3rd place finish in the 3 hour Koni Challenge race on Friday. Scott qualified 8th and started the race. We had a full course caution at exactly the right time. We had just come into the pits for fuel and were able to get out in front of the pace car, keeping us on the lead lap. I had alot of fun bringing us back toward the front. They started 95 cars in the race and the GS class had almost 50 cars in the field. I was especially happy for Scott. He had alot of friends and family members that came to the race and they all were wowed as the ARMY car made it's way to a podium finish. The 24 hour was exactly what it should have been for us in the 59 Brumos Racing Porsche. We had done exactly what we set out to do and at the 20th hour we had a right rear suspension failure while leading the race overall. It was a heartbreaker for all of us. I was especially bumbed for Hurley who was going after his 6th victory at the Daytona 24. The entire team fought so hard for 20 hours and everyone did such a great job. We had led several times throughout the race and were the fastest car on the track on many occasions. I had two stints, the first was for almost 2.5 hours. I had alot of running in the rain, which would prove very beneficial for my second stint. My second time in was from 2:12 am until 5:30 am, almost 3.5 hours. The first hour was dry, and the rest of the time was somewhere between a downpour and just plain wet. However, as in the dry, our car was among the fastest, if not the fastest car on the track. After the suspension failure, Jao did a good job of keeping the car off the outside wall, but collected the inside wall with heavy damage to the car. Again, the team did an amazing job getting us back on track to finish 11th in DP. I'm taking a ride today on my Fat Boy over to Sebring to check out the ALMS winter testing that runs through wednesday. I'll be back soon with anything new and the next event information. We also had an awesome time of ministry over the weekend. Please make sure and check out the page under news; ministry for the updates.

1-18-08 The 24 hour of Daytona is just around the corner. I am feeling good and optomistic about the weekend. I will be with Brumos Racing in the #59 car with JC France, Hurley Haywood, and Jao Barbosa in the DP class of the Rolex race. You can click on the schedules and tv page of my site to go directly to the Grand Am site. From there you can get all available information on the weekend. You can even follow along thru the live timing and scoring. This will be one of the most competitive 24's ever. There are so many really good teams and great drivers. I will also be driving the #3 Koni Challenge Mustang with Scott Turner in the Friday 3 hour race. Blackforest does the prep for Scott's Army sponsered car. This will make the weekend a busy one. Also, I will be doing Racin' For Jesus Ministries with my good friend Dale Sanky, coming all the way from the frozen Tundra, Plover, WI. He will handle most of the ministry logistics during the weekend. He will have two boys from the Vero Beach Teen Challenge starting Friday morning and will be with them 24/7 until we take them back on Sunday afternoon. The heart of the ministry is just pouring into these kids. Letting them know they are important and that they can become something great. We will get a larger group of boys that will come Saturday to be a part of RFJ just for the day. Alot of people have made this possible. Thank you to the Speedway for providing race tickets and Daytona USA tickets for the boys, Mark and Linda Hulbert for providing an RV (our meeting place), Grand Am catering for feeding Dale and the 2 boys for the weekend. A special thanks to Dale and all those that will share with the boys over the weekend. It will impact them for eternity, and lives will be changed. I will be giving an update after the race. See you then, Terry Borcheller

1-17-08 2008 is proving to be another busy year. This page will soon contain news that I will be putting up throughout the season. The idea is to keep those that have an interest in following me throughout the year, updated. My new site also gives you an opportunity to get all the schedules and tv times quickly in one location. There is also a new links page that will allow you to visit sponsers of mine, or frequently visited sites by simply clicking on the link. There will be other work being done on the site that should give you a great opportunity to stay connected. stay tuned ! Coming soon, a preview of the 2008 season, including information on the first race of the season, the Daytona 24.


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